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    1. albularider 36 months ago | reply

      In Germany we have a lot of bike lanes/paths like this. And I hate it. One reason is the undisciplined riding as shown in this picture. The path is too narrow to ride side by side.
      The other reasons are not shown here:
      - careless pedestrians
      - careless dog owners with long dog leashes
      - junctions where you have cross two or more traffic lights if you want to turn left (instead of one on the road)

      This little separation will not protect you, if a driver falls asleep.

      Also keep in mind:
      This is a road beneath the road. What a waste of nature. The picture shows, that normally there is sufficient space on the road for cars AND bikes. Slowing down car traffic is the crucial point.
      If you really want sepearte bike paths, then do not draw or even build it near roads. Make cycling roads - not this humble add-ons.

      Reduce car traffic, car speeds and car use. Bike lanes have exactly the opposite effect. Bike lanes in Germany are built to speed up car traffic.

    2. sikandran 34 months ago | reply

      I was thinking of you last week. I cycled along here: with my daughter who is 6 and my friend and her daughter on scooters.

      It was great to have the space just for us. But not perfect. This road was in the country and next to a 60mph A road which had motorcyclists having fun at what seemed to be about 100mph. The noise from the cars and trucks roaring past was horrible and we didn't have priority crossing small farm entrance roads. Also there was space to have put the path on the other side of some tree where it would have been quiet. A start. But a missed opportunity.

    3. sikandran 34 months ago | reply

      Also thanks for your posts, I love them. I feel like you take lots of my thoughts and put them into pictures. We live in Scotland and some of your posts make me thankful for the infrastructure we do have.

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