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Veltop cyclist protection

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Veltop. Yay or nay? Would you ride with something like this?

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  1. Janet is really Cool! 98 months ago | reply

    I would ride in that before I rode with heels on.

  2. BruceTurner 98 months ago | reply

    not for me, but if somebody buys this and uses it, more power to them.

  3. fsteele770 98 months ago | reply

    I know it would be awfully hot in the summer here in Georgia, through the combination of the black fabric radiating heat, and the windows blocking the cooling breeze. Think I'd rather rely on the protection of a helmet and a rain cape.

    From the website: "Protecting against rain, cold, wind and sun, VELTOP enables to cycle securely sheltered.

    It unfolds easily and is fold back in a few seconds.

    VELTOP is composed of a windscreen and a waterproof hood, which is supported by two arches.

    On both sides an additional protection can be unfolded when needed in the event of rain and cold."

    Might help if you're fighting cold + rain together, but I also don't know that I would enjoy something so parachute-shaped; seems like the section between the shoulders and waist would catch a lot of air.

  4. Steven Vance 98 months ago | reply

    This wouldn't work in Chicago...

    As soon as you go outside, the wind would knock you down.

  5. Clive Andrews 98 months ago | reply

    Does she look happy?

    Do you think the person who designed that has actually ever ridden a bike themselves?

  6. Earthworm 98 months ago | reply

    It's very rickshaw. I would go with it for sun, but I like having the rain on my face.

  7. gilligguy 98 months ago | reply

    some guy in my town has had a make shift one since the 70s
    on a one speed beach cruiser

  8. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 98 months ago | reply

    Heels on the bike is tres Euro. I think for Euro-style city riding, a top like this is workable. The drag probably isn't much different from what you get on a trailer.

  9. mike1727 98 months ago | reply

    No chance.
    It is windy here, and that rag-top is really increasing the frontal area of the bike- a trailer won't add to the drag as much since it's already in the turbulence down behind the bike+rider.

  10. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 98 months ago | reply

    I noticed the battery also, Mike.

  11. gilligguy 98 months ago | reply

    Oh my gawd! Nother Camera1?!

  12. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 98 months ago | reply

    *laugh* Camera1 does self portraits of her feet. That one was by another.

  13. ♔ Georgie R 98 months ago | reply

    I can't say it's for me. Most of the body is still uncovered so she'd get pretty wet riding in those clothes even with the "fairing".

  14. princesshungry 98 months ago | reply

    there goes my aero position

  15. velocoque 94 months ago | reply

    I have bought two Veltop, tested them, and published comparative test on my home pages... See velocoque.free.fr/spip.php?article25
    I tried it in all conditions: sun, wind, and rain.
    If you have any questions about Veltop... I live in France ;o)

  16. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 94 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the note, Tristoche. Nice review. So your pants get a little wet but otherwise it seems to work well? Is that the conclusion?

  17. ♔ Georgie R 94 months ago | reply

    That's a really interesting and thorough test - though I'm not sold on it, a decent coat would do the same job.
    I do like your bikes though. They seem to be sensible transport vehicles with mudguards, rack, lights and comfy looking handlebars. Such cycles are almost unavailable in Britain - and I guess the US.

  18. callmafia 74 months ago | reply

    No! Huge, high resistance, higher tendency to flip over backwards (due to high center of gravity and even higher backwards rotational force at high speeds. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Blocks the ability to see behind the cyclist.

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