Let's Bike Taiwan 2009

The Taiwan Bike Media trip group took part in the Let's Bike Taiwan 2009 at Sun Moon Lake. After an amazingly cheesy (and fun!) opening ceremony for a new bike trail featuring dancing flight attendants, a Chinese boy band, several dignitaries, aboriginal entertainment, about 200 people from Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and the USA took part in a 5 km bike ride that included a stop at a wonderful tea tasting station with about 30 different kinds of tea, and then a boat ride, more aboriginal entertainment, another boat ride, an amazing 10 course (yes, 10 courses) lunch, and then a tour around the lake visiting temples, and then another amazing dinner where I lost count of the courses but it included boar, president's fish, betel flower, fungus soup, spicy mutton, Chinese greens with raw egg, a chicken, shrimp balls with mayonaise sauce, and other tasty things.

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Taken on September 27, 2009