2008 Jamis Aurora in trash

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    My wife saw this 2008 Jamis Aurora in the trash last week and my son fished it out of the dumpster and brought it home for me.

    A 2008 Jamis Aurora (CrMo steel frame and fork) with maybe 10 miles on it. A quick look shows that the only thing really wrong with it is the ruined fork. The front wheel axle is also shot, but otherwise the rim looks okay -- no obvious wobbles or warpage.

    Garage mishap, perhaps?

    Jamis markets this as a touring bike. Too bad it's not my size: 47 cm makes this a tiny frame, which is also why it has the sloping top tube (larger size Auroras have a more traditional diamond frame with horizontal top tube). I think it would fit my wife. I may also give it away.

    1. El Duke Degreaser 70 months ago | reply

      Nice find indeed!

    2. skvidal 70 months ago | reply

      Strip it down and sell the frame sans-fork and part out the rest to other bikes.

    3. Moment of Inertia 70 months ago | reply

      Part it out?

      Definitely worth the dumpster dive!

      And indeed, looks like a garage/rack mishap - ie: with front wheel off and the fork attached to the roof rack, driving in to park. Probably reattached the front wheel to the fork before dumping it in the trash. Shame.

    4. sosodeft [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

      yea nice find!frame looks solid
      and its looks pretty sharp

    5. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 70 months ago | reply

      The wheel on the fork confused me -- the brake is still engaged, and it doesn't make sense that the previous owner would have attached the brake cable before disposing of the bike. But the wheel is still round, and I can't imagine hitting something hard enough to bend the fork back like that would leave the wheel intact. That front hub, however, is toast -- I feel broken parts inside when I spin the wheel around.

    6. mike1727 70 months ago | reply

      Check it's not stolen first, then check the frame, looking very skeptically at the headtube and tubes down to past the cable runners. Good=fix and donate at all not good=strip and bank parts. Shame it's such a small frame but I'm sure you could find a teen rider for it....

    7. Jon Wyatt 70 months ago | reply

      bizarre that someone would legitimately dump such a bike. I guess it could have been involved in a traffic accident which encouraged the owner (or the realtives) to just dump it...

    8. fiddleswithbikes 70 months ago | reply

      I think the rider crashed into a wall, not something sharper like a curb.

      Sometimes a bike will get stolen by a drunk and taken for a joy ride, optionally crashed, then abandoned. Someone at the abandonment location lets it sit there for a few days, then tosses it.

    9. Atomkinder 70 months ago | reply

      @richardmasoner: I've been personally involved in a crash that resulted in a very similarly bent fork, bent frame, and no wheel damage. Just means the wheel was well-built and the tire was properly inflated.

      A wall is a good idea, or a car (that's what happened to me).

      That or one HELL of a curb!

      Oh, and nice find!

    10. midwest_cyclista 64 months ago | reply

      I'd still take it. Fix er' up and ride her - if you still want to give it away that is...or haven't already. :)

    11. notkansas64 31 months ago | reply

      You lucky, lucky, B*stard... ;)

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