Share the Road sign on Interstate 5

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    The shoulder goes away on the I-5 bridge over Lake Shasta in northern California. Bicycles are permitted on portions of Interstate 5 in this region. In general, cyclists are allowed on California Interstates when no alternative route exists.

    1. Mark Stosberg 72 months ago | reply

      The same is true in Colorado, where there are limited routes through the mountains.

    2. Euro Joe 72 months ago | reply

      i didn't know that, i saw a lady riding a bike on the highway between LA and San Diego, i thought she was crazy........

    3. Hawk Photogrpahy 72 months ago | reply

      I've only ridden my bike on the freeway once in the Canadian rockies. Good thing was the semi trucks left us room and didn't blow us off the road. :)

    4. fivefiveandahalf 72 months ago | reply

      glad it's possible, just not sure i'd be too comfortable riding on the highway...

    5. l a u r e n . h a u g h e y 72 months ago | reply

      we did a little bit of it YEARS ago, on a tandem, on our honeymoon trip - loaded down with stuff.

      scared the bejeezus out of me. semis and cars passing us at 70 mph.

      i'm sure i threatened divorce.

    6. clove 72 months ago | reply

      Yep, I'd take the lane on that one.

    7. fiddleswithbikes 72 months ago | reply

      The thing that impresses me is how casual bikers are about riding on a road with a narrow shoulder where cars are going, say, 50 mph. 50 or 70 makes very little difference--even a "grazing" hit will kill you. I'll take the wider emergency lane any day. (Unfortunately, there is almost *no* shoulder on the bridge pictured here.)

      BTW, some of the bridges in this section of highway have very cool compound curves that have always struck me as marvels of engineering.

    8. ♔ Georgie R 71 months ago | reply

      Cycling is banned on all motorways in the UK. although it is possible to use some of the long bridges. Oddly I feel that the hard shoulder on the motorways would be much safer than many A roads where one may cycle. The big junctions would be a problem though :-(

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