Lane-splitting is legal in California

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    This is the intersection that goes to the Sun campus that I work at in Menlo Park, California. I'm right in the middle of five lanes of northbound traffic.

    1. ♔ Georgie R 103 months ago | reply

      Mm ... let's hope it doesn't speed up too much.

    2. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 103 months ago | reply

      These middle two lanes go into the parking lot at my work, with the right lane going right and the left lane going left. My building is to the left, hence my position here. Here's the satellite image of this intersection. I'll post a screencap of that location also in a minute.

    3. ♔ Georgie R 103 months ago | reply

      Wow, that satellite image is so clear; it's nothing like as good where I live. What are the large white areas to the left of your car park? They look like dried up lakes.

    4. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 103 months ago | reply

      To the west (and north) of the campus is the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Those are huge mud flats you see. They dry up in the summer time.

    5. mike1727 103 months ago | reply

      Traffic jammin', one of the great joys of urban cycling.

    6. Steven Vance 74 months ago | reply

      How do you know lane splitting is legal? What search terms might I use to determine the legality in Illinois?

    7. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 74 months ago | reply

      California is the only state where splitting the lane is considered legal. But I doubt anybody would ever cite a bicyclist for this unless you're involved in a crash.

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