DIY muslin back drop

Muslin - $25

Painter poles - $16

PVC 10' - $2

Plungers - $2

Short Swivel Tee - $8

Dye - $5

Total about $50


I already had the vice grips


Here is the plan that got me started. I didn't like it though, I just kinda pulled it apart and dyed it. I used the large tub I keep all my equipment in to hold the dye. I used about eight to ten gallons of water plus the salt and dye. I left it in the dye for about 10 minutes. Pulled it out and put it in the washer to rinse it. I dried it after that to set the dye in. Set the stand up and Viola! Not to shabby if I may say so myself.


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Taken on November 13, 2007