My H2G2 Tattoo

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    Done by Ben T. Fiedler at Resurrection Tattoo in Austin, TX

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    1. Taxmistress 33 months ago | reply

      Just so we can outnumber the other idiots.

      Yes, the reference is clear, and this is still retarded. The art isn't even any good.

    2. PirateBrandon 33 months ago | reply

      I think it's amazing. I would get 42 of the same tattoo.

    3. jeffrey34 33 months ago | reply

      If you think that'll serve the meaning of your life, universe, and everything...

    4. purfektblyss 33 months ago | reply

      I would say you look like a cool and froody dude who really knows where his towel is. haters gonna hate homey.

    5. CamperVans & Beethoven statues 33 months ago | reply

      The ones who are retarded are the ones who are arguing on the internet. Nice tatto though.

    6. StringyBeans 33 months ago | reply

      @flurp2011: ever heard of a place called Stravromula Beta?

    7. nessababe92 33 months ago | reply

      You obviously have no lives.

    8. wyatt550 33 months ago | reply

      haha i love how you call him retarded because u read a children's book and thing that this tattoo has some major significance and will matter later in life i'm agreeing Jeff its a stupid ass tattoo

    9. speedydev101 32 months ago | reply

      HHGtG is no where near a children's book. If you had the minimum number of brain cells to comprehend basic sentence structure and how to make yourself appear intelligent, you'd realize that HHGtG contains a plethora of political and religious centered arguments and conversations.

    10. louisking419 32 months ago | reply

      you are a total moron, and obviously have neither any sense of taste, nor sense of humor. Douglas Adams is the best writer ever, but you are probably a little teenybopper Twilight fan who wouldn't know good humorous literature if it bit you where you sit.

    11. jordandesu 31 months ago | reply

      How dare you people judge people for judging. I'm better than that, because I'm judging you for judging judging.

    12. 5ki 31 months ago | reply

      @jordanesu:How dare you judge people for judging judging. I'm better than that because i'm judging you for judging the judging judging.

    13. adietz1 30 months ago | reply

      @everyone: it doesn't matter whether you like it or not. what matters is that the person who got the tattoo likes it. you all should be respectful enough to accept other people differences whether you agree or not. its not your like that is effected by his choice of tattoo, its his. so you all need to back off and let this guy live his life the way he sees fit.

    14. Hoshinsky 29 months ago | reply

      ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! I wish I would have had that idea!

    15. Geek+10 27 months ago | reply

      I would like to point out that, technically, the vase of flowers should be a pot of petunias.

      I still like it though.

    16. plousia 23 months ago | reply

      That is AWESOME.

    17. drsteelesmayhem 19 months ago | reply

      holy lordve mighty..i9ts hitchhikers guide...its the most optimistic part of hitchikers guide, Dont Panic. If anything, its a great tattoo to have through life because he can look down and see" dont panic" and the whale and flower pot is just gravy, excellent tattoo, doll!

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