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Satmar Zoom | by luzer
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Satmar Zoom

Didn't plan on this effect, but, keeping it.


Honestly, is the worst part of seeing these people, dressed in traditional ultra-orthodox garb, wrapped in a Palestinian Flag, is that the ignorant have, and, will in the future, use their presence as an argument against the State of Israel.


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Satmar (or Satmar Hasidism or Satmarer Hasidim) (חסידות סאטמאר) is a movement of Haredi Jews who adhere to Hasidism originating in the town of Szatmárnémeti (now Satu Mare, Romania), at that time in the Kingdom of Hungary. Members are referred to as Satmarer Hasidim.


The largest part of the community lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York City; followed by Kiryas Joel, New York; Boro Park, Brooklyn; and Monsey, New York, and in other Haredi centers in North America, Europe, Israel and Argentina. The Satmar Rebbe was for a long time by tradition the presiding rabbi of Jerusalem's Edah HaChareidis (a rabbinical organization of Haredi Jews), though none of the past rebbes have lived permanently in Jerusalem; this tradition ended in 2006 after the death of the previous Satmar Rebbe, not because the Edah HaChareidis has anything against Satmar, but rather, they did not want to get involved in the succession feud, leading to nominating neither of them.


Satmar in a broad sense is one of the largest Hasidic movements in existence today, but formal demographic comparisons with other Hasidim are not available. It is believed, however, to number about 120,000 adherents; if one includes a number of smaller and related anti-Zionist Hungarian Hasidic groups who align themselves with Satmar, the number is even higher

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Taken on May 6, 2007