Dimension + Typography: A Survey of Letterforms in Space and Time
I space Gallery, Chicago
January 09, 2009 - February 07, 2009

Curated by Jimmy Luu and Ryan Molloy.

Digital technology has given designers greater freedom to experiment with and explore the spatial and temporal qualities of typographic form. More than a decade has passed since Abbott Miller first outlined the broad strokes of how letterforms might operate in space and time in the pamphlet Dimensional Typography. The question today is, how much further have we pushed the boundaries of dimensional typography since Miller’s initial survey? Does dimensional typography have any implications further than simply being a formal variation on traditional typographic form, and does current work hint at what these implications might be?

Dimension + Typography: A Survey of Letterforms in Space and Time features interdisciplinary work in print, video, sculpture, and installation by an international group of artists, designers, and programmers including: Mohammad Reza Abdolali, Yeohyun Ahn + John Page Corrigan + Viviana Cordova, Andrew Byrom, J. Kyle Daevel, Oded Ezer, Jack Featherstone, Denise Gonzales Crisp, Geoff Kaplan, Keetra Dixon + JK Keller, Ariel Malka, Tuan Phan, Andrew Sloat, Jim Stevens, Will Temple, Chrysostomos Tsimourdagkas, and Benjamin Van Dyke.

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