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The glass is empty | by ::big daddy k::
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The glass is empty

I attempt to make a difference by trying to understand the people that I live with on this planet instead of just ranting how much I dislike everything about everybody. I understand that my reality is just that... MY reality. Each person has their own.


The glass is not always half full for some and telling them to walk around with a dumb fucking smile on their face smelling coffee is not the answer. Pain is a human emotion and some experience it more than others so I try to show some compassion if they don't feel like smiling and trying to hide it. And yes...they may even need a pill to help them deal with it. Along with the ability to talk about it to a therapist, family, or friends. I try to give my family and friends the comfort and ability to be a human around me and express the pain they may feel because of events in their life.


Some people can be just broken by the weight of living due to things that have happened to them.


I have a friend whose son died of Leukemia at 14. I don't know about you but if that happens to me I ain't gonna be walking around with a dumb fucking smile on my face.


I have another friend whose mother prostituted her out at the age of 9 to get money for drugs. The glass is not nearly half full for her.


Another friend whose grandfather raped her and got her pregnant at 13 and her mother disowned her when she finally had the nerve to tell her what happened. Guess what? She's a little messed up.


I don't pretend to know the pain these friends, along with the many others that I pass in daily life or hear about in the news, feel. I have no answers for them. But I do not negate it by telling them to take their self pity elsewhere or striking out against them for feeling the way they do.


These are drastic cases but lesser things can cause someone to be a bit depressed. When my beautiful daughter gets crushed by her first love my parenting advice is not going to be SMILE and MOVE FORWARD! A broken heart hurts and I will try to comfort her as best as I can.


Also...depression, along with Bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, psychosis, etc. are psychological disorders. They are as diagnosable as cancer, aids, or other physical diseases and should be treated as such. These diseases have always been around but it is only recently that Psychology and drugs have been accepted as ways to treat them. There are still ignorant people, like Scientologists, that do not believe in mental illness but hopefully these folks will eventually understand and not impede the progress of these advances to help people in need and eventually even help those people see that the glass is half full and smile.





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Taken on May 21, 2009