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truth or lies...i wonder



was tagged by Crystal...

Share 10 things about yourself (ONE of which must be a LIE), and i prolly won't tag anyone...but if you want to do this...i tagged ya, or at least I am taking credit.


With very little more babbling or at least for list of crap that may or may not be true - but you will likely scratch your head either way.


1. I have had 7 piercings.

2. I don't like being alone.

3. I hate being around people.

4. I like to be complimented.

5. I am uncomfortable with compliments.

6. When my grandma died I spent almost 6 months "partying" trying to make the hurt stop.

7. I listen to country music.

8. I called my Dad in the hospital to say "good-bye", he passed as the nurse was telling him I was calling.

9. I don't like Popsicles because the wooden sticks.

10. I enjoy riding motorcycles.


figure THAT shit out...

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Taken on November 12, 2010