The Loo-vre
An ongoing project led by Big Car artists-in-residece Niina Cochran (with support of the Big Car staff and collective artists), the Loo-vre includes a thematically spruced up public bathroom and "bathroom lobby" gallery at The Show Room — our social practice lab located in a challenged strip mall on the west side of Indianapolis. The Loo-vre was once the break room and employee restroom when this was a Dress Barn retail store.

There, we show art and offer programs focused on digestion and health, including some in partnership with our neighbor in the strip mall, DaVita Dialysis. If you didn't figure it out already, the name for the Loo-vre is a combination of Loo — British slang for bathroom — and the Louvre museum in Paris. The Loo-vre currently features drawings, paintings, photography, liquid sound art, copies of the publication Toiletpaper, and a ceramic pig soap dispenser that squirts soap through its nose.
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