2014: Please Read Carefully/Noisy Neighbors opening
In the Listen Hear sound-art space, artists have found inspiration and made sound work related to our new neighbors in the Lafayette Square strip mall including a variety of beauty shops, churches, and stores. In The Show Room, Big Car brings Andrew Salyer's Please Read Carefully exhibit to Indianapolis. Originally shown in Madison, Wisconsin in 2013, Please Read Carefully offers interactive artist-created instructions in the gallery. The idea is to forget your normal everyday behavior, participate, and have fun. This version features new instructions by artists in Indianapolis and elsewhere. Salyer will give a brief talk at the exhibition opening. Also, performances by John McCormick, Ben Bennett and a special musical experience for inner city cosmetology. Bennett is an Ohio-based artist working with percussion based sound. His instruments range from recognizable drums and cymbals to more ubiquitous items such as surgical tubing or a mortar trowel. Regardless of the object, Bennett culls a variety of sound in unique fashion. Participating artists in both exhibits include: John Clark, Niina Cochran, Terance Trent Darby, Andy Fry, Christopher Bryn Jackson, Duncan Kissinger, Eduardo Luna, John McCormick, Kevin McKelvey, Nathan Monk, Ian Oehler, Aryn Schounce, Jim Walker, Max Walker, Christopher Dance, Theon Jones, Anne Laker, Brent Lehker, Aryn Schounce, and Holly Sommers.
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