Space Invaders Post-It pixel art

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    I bought some Post-It pads with the intention of doing some pixel art on the windows at work. Here's project #1: Space Invaders. I want this as a tattoo.

    My coworker on the next shift missed being able to see out the studio window and took parts of it down. She didn't notice that the notes were in any particular pattern.

    For the kids who don't remember 1978, this is a sprite from the Taito video game Space Invaders. If you think it's a creation of some street artist in Paris, you're delusional.

    My coworker Cassie Williams snapped the original photo.

    (What you're seeing is the Halifax, Nova Scotia intersection of Young and Robie as seen from the studios of News95.7 radio.)

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    1. designwallah 43 months ago | reply

      I think it's an interesting idea. And I know and like the Paris Space Invader stuff. Have you seen Marcel Duchamp's Mona Lisa, "L.H.O.O.Q."? Salvador Dali grew a moustache like Diego Velázquez. Quentin Tarantino is a copycat, but everybody loves him. One could go on and on. For different reasons, everyone copies everyone.

    2. runran 43 months ago | reply



    3. props 43 months ago | reply

      well met -- Halifax represent! (albeit, without the snow I'd imagined)

      mad props yo

    4. Simon GF2 43 months ago | reply

      haha this is soo cool!

    5. annar_50 43 months ago | reply

      space invaders work in the gallery for those only think its just streetart

    6. chestnutgrey 43 months ago | reply

      Love it, fantastic idea.

    7. Marcvs Nilsson 43 months ago | reply

      that's a great idea!

    8. Scott-Simpson 43 months ago | reply

      The knit hat sounds like fun! I recently ordered a cross-stitch needlepoint Space Invaders piece for my studio wall.

    9. pongky © 43 months ago | reply

      love the scenic backdrop too

    10. David K. Edwards 43 months ago | reply

      I love Halifax, even when invaded

    11. Christian Montone 43 months ago | reply

      I'm sticking this on Tumblr... AWESOME!

    12. ~MAD~ 43 months ago | reply

      How could this inspire such a response? Says the cubicle worker to his art fag accusers...

    13. Jehson_ 43 months ago | reply

      when you're working in 8x11 pixels, you can only come up with so many aliens

      Who cares anyway ?

      prop's for maritimers.

    14. Tall&Good 43 months ago | reply

      What makes this quite wonderful to me is that it really captures the spirit of the game. The way it's laid out on a window high above ground level you've created the illusion that this video game alien is descending onto real life civilization. You've really created a playful and interesting image (well shot too!) I just love it.

      It is very saddening that some people are willing without hesitation to bash you for creating your own version of something when they themselves are not aware that that's the exact same thing that their beloved street artist is doing (in his own way). This kind of aggressive verbal assertion of ones beliefs is something we've unfortunately come to live with on the internet at large but thankfully has been very limited on Flickr.

      For those interested
      Space invaders the video game:
      Invader (or Space Invader?) the street artist:

    15. Scott-Simpson 43 months ago | reply

      Meh, it doesn't bother me. I've been around the internet (and BBSes before that, and TI99-4/A, ZX81 and PET before that) long enough to know what computers can bring out in people. Some folks are very attached to their perceptions of the world, and they get upset easily. No bother. The only sad part is that they can't look at it and think "oh, that's kind of neat."

    16. Normalisdull 43 months ago | reply

      ha ha, love it.

    17. Arty B 43 months ago | reply

      Dope NYC street art

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