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All the photos in all of the sets were taken by me. All Rights reserved. If you or you know of someone who served in Vietnam, please share these photos with them. I would like to explain why I have labeled the way I did on these photos. There are some with the month and year on them, they are what I have found on either the slides I scanned or on the back of the black and white prints that I scanned. Some of the folks who where stationed at Soc Trang will get a sense of what happen and when. It's like a time line of my history at Soc Trang, but it also is a time line for many others who were stationed at Soc Trang during these times. Thanks for understanding and again please share these photos with friends and family who served in Vietnam.

Contributing Photographer of the "Art of the Car Concours" Car Show at the Kansas City Art Institute from 2009 to 2016.

Contributing Photographer of the "Mid-America Vintage Motor Cycle Show at the Kansas City Airline History Museum.

Former Photographer for the Kansas City Car Action Magazine.

Former Photographer for The Hot Rodder Journal.

Contributing Photographer and former sponsor of the “Paola Heartland Car Show"

Kansas City area Automotive Event Photographer from 2008 to 2018

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