Pelikan M200 Official First Impressions Fountain Pen test on Moleskine and Apica Notebooks

In Moleskine: 06/13/08


Official Moleskine Review of the Pelikan M200


Out of the box - it's small. Smaller than I expected but it fits the hand quite well. Very light. Too lazy and eager to flush it, I filled it with Noodler's black right away.


This pen came from Pam Braun, so it is NOT a Binder Mod. This is a fine nib, and it's very thin.


For Comparison: Lamy 2K EF DIamine Imperial Blue

9556 Esterbrook 9556 (Fine) Diamine Imperial Purple

Lamy Safari EF Noodler's Aircorp Blue Black

Lamy 1.1 stub Noodler's Black

Lamy custom Cursice Italic .07? (Pendemonium grind)

Lamy Safari M Noodler's Black


I would not consider this to be "butter" smooth - bit it IS smooth. Will probably be even smoother with a different ink. Iyts smoother than the Esterbrook non, which is very stiff.

I'm not generally fond of gold trim, but on this pen it's not very obtrusive, and it makes it


I can say right off the bat that I like holding it better than the Lamy 2K because the L2K had nothing to grip and it often rotates in my hand. Posted, this pen is the smallest I have. (Edited to add - the Phileas is a smidge shorter, but much fatter)


I like it, but I'm not yet sure if I love it. I'll have to get back to you on that - probably after I flush and fill it with a different ink. :o)



In Apica:


Official Apica CD11 test of the Pelikan M200

Everything writes smoother and thinner in the Apica's


Om Bhoor Bhovas Suvaha Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasaya Dhimahi Dhiyoyona Prachodayaat

...Gayatri Mantra


Noodler's Black ink


Compared against : Lamy 2000 EF DIamine Imperial Blue

Lamy Safari EF Noodler's Aircorp Blue-Black

Lamy 1.1 Stub Noodler's Black


Lamy custom Cursive Italic (.07?( from Pendemonium Waterman Blue-Black

Lamy Safari M Noodler's Black

Esterbrook 9556 FIne Imperial Purple, Diamine



Boy, Is this pen Shiny Black!


Pelikan M200 from Pam Braun $57 + $6 shipping



07/02/08 Edited to add: Just an added note - I found that after using the pen for a few days, it writes even smoother. Next, I found that the kind of ink I use in it determines how "fine" the nib writes. With Noodler's black, it writes nice and fine. With Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue, it writes a slightly thicker line.


The piston filler initially seemed extremely easy to flush until yesterday, when I flushed the blue out, and once I thought I had it all out, it started to flush out black ink from the previous fill. I guess I should take the time to flush it a little bit better....but it's still a much easier flush than some of my other pens. The piston cap is super smooth and easy to turn.


It is a very sweet little pen. I highly recommend it as a first "good" pen. A logical choice to follow a Lamy Safari.

  • stevlight PRO 7y

    Pelikans are great pens. That is a great price. The Lamy 2000 is an incredible pen for a little more money. It has more weight. If you want to save up the Pelikan M800 is the most amazing pen I have ever owned. I saved up for months a little each paycheck. I is worth every penny.
  • Stephanie Smith PRO 7y

    I have a 2000 but am now not sure if I'll be keeping it. i have problems with it slipping in my fingers.
  • kkkataish 7y

    eeee. i saw this on!

    awesome, girl.

    I love fountain pens, but I only have one good one, and one shitty one (I think the nib is fucked up), but I don't have the money to replace it. I'll just keep using my good one :)
  • davidwholt 7y

    You remarked it's small.

    I was comparing to Pelikan M150 the other day
    which is approx half inch shorter posted.

    Thinking my choice of stepping up a little to M200 a good one!
  • Constance Wiebrands PRO 7y

    My Pelikan M200 is my favourite pen!

    Do you like how it performs on Moleskine paper?
  • Stephanie Smith PRO 7y

    My M200 is a fine, and it's swell on the Moleskine paper. BUT you will still have to be careful with what ink you use. With me, it seems to be the inks that are more persnickity than the pens themselves.

    PS - the right hand side of this photo was written on a Moleskine (with the M200 & Noodler's black ink)
  • Natalie Ford 7y

    Which fine or EF pen do you prefer?
  • Stephanie Smith PRO 7y

    Good question. RIght now, I'm really liking the size of the M200 in my hand, and the smoothness of the F nib. The Lamy EF isn't much different in width, but it's a longer pen.

    Just for grins - these are all Lamy:

    I have two Lamy M nibs. One is finer than the other.
    I had a F nib that was as wide as the finer M. (I had this one cut into a Cursive italic - which I love)
    I have an EF nib that I really like. Very smooth.
    I just got another F nib that's the same width as the EF.

    Go figure.....
  • Natalie Ford 7y

    I bought a Lamy Safari EF the other day but am finding it really scratchy on my Moleskine Sketchbook. I bought it for drawing and so I have not bothered to try writing with it on normal Moleskine paper (plain, ruled or squared). I have also not yet tried it on the Moleskine Watercolour paper. I am wishing that I had bought an F instead of an EF
  • Stephanie Smith PRO 7y

    Natalie - try flushing the pen with a little soapy water. My EF is one of the smoothest pens I own. Once in a while a pen needs a little time t obreak in as well. Also, the Moleskine sketchbooks have a very odd cardstock paper... try it in the regular Moleskine and see what you think.
  • Natalie Ford 7y

    Yeah - it is fine on 'normal' Moleskine paper - just not on my Sketchbook or Storyboard, neither of which like waterbased washes, either - they seem to have some kind of waxy coating in patches and I have gone off them as sketchbooks, to be honest. I am considering rebinding them with hotpressed WC paper of some kind...
  • Shay 6y

  • hui lee 5y

    I am using my pelikan M400,it is my favorate.
    PS,lamy safari also is a good one
  • Ka Lung1 2y

    Wow, I love you pretty handwriting, Steph!
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