Flower Garden Underside

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WIP ~ underside view ... slow & steady, never ending

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  1. bienzfive 39 months ago | reply

    lol ~ I'll be happier when I finally get this one finished !! :)

  2. Art Lo Studio 38 months ago | reply

    Wonderful work!!!

  3. malatri 38 months ago | reply

    I love to admire this photo everyday before sleeping... it is so beautiful!

  4. bienzfive 38 months ago | reply

    aaah malatri, you've put a smile on my face! I'm so pleased you like this piece. Thank you both and for your kind words!

  5. LaTiza 34 months ago | reply

    its soooooooooo lovely ♥

  6. bienzfive 34 months ago | reply

    ;) Thanks so much crochetblue and LaTiza !!

  7. everdayartdesign 32 months ago | reply

    FAB! How did you attach the flowers to each other? As you worked? or at the end? and with what kind of stitch? I am planning a similar project and would like your insight. TIA!

  8. bienzfive 32 months ago | reply

    Hi Fab, i attached the flowers as i crocheted with a slip stitch. i hope that helps and good luck ...can't wait to see it! *_*

  9. TwinkleToes2day 31 months ago | reply

    Love love lovin this!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lilmissredtshirt 30 months ago | reply

    This is amazing. May I ask if this is a pattern or did you create the pattern yourself? I'm just starting crochet and not familiar with patterns. I can't imagine how long this must take. So beautiful.

  11. bienzfive 30 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much and !!

  12. bienzfive 30 months ago | reply

    Hello ! I did just whip it up myself and it really is a very easy pattern. The trouble I was having was attaching the flowers with the as you go method. I was kind of a newbie crocheter when I started this blankie. I do have the pattern posted on one of my flickr photos ~ you should give it a try, it will make you happy!

  13. aluna86jh 26 months ago | reply

    I just started mine and I hope it ends up looking just as lovely as yours!

  14. bienzfive 26 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much !! I'm sure it will be Gorgeous, after all, look at your Mario aghan ~ AmAAAAzing !!

  15. xyphir 24 months ago | reply

    Thank you for posting the underside - so often we don't get to see this and I always wonder if mine is as neat (or messy) as everyone elses

  16. free style girl 24 months ago | reply

    Really fabulous - love them :)

  17. Green melody 18 months ago | reply

    How creative mind do YOU have , I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it , Plz , teach me how you knit it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :P

  18. bienzfive 4 weeks ago | reply

    Thanks so much for all the Fav's ! :)

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