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Satin Bower Bird (2) | by bidkev1 and son (see profile)
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Satin Bower Bird (2)

Lamington National Park, Qld, Australia


Male bowerbirds weave intricate display areas (or bowers) out of twigs Satin Bowerbirds are renowned for decorating their bowers with all manner of blue objects collected from the vicinity of the bower and sometimes from farther afield. These odds and ends may comprise feathers from parrots, flowers, seed-pods and fruits, butterfly wings and artificial items such as ball-point pens, matchboxes, string, marbles and pieces of glass. Because of this, bowerbirds are often thought of as the most advanced of all birds. A bower is not a nest. It is an attractive 'avenue', used by male bowerbirds to entice a female. When they are not feeding, the males spend much of their time perched in the bower, calling to potential mates and warning off potential rivals.


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Taken on September 11, 2017