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Bike Parking at the Met

As far as I know, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has the only public garage in the city with a bike parking facility that comes close to meeting the rigorous standards of the new garage access law requiring garages to accept bikes for parking.


These U-racks each allow the bike to be secured by one wheel and a frame, are spaced sufficiently far apart to give each bike 2' X 3' of space. There are two rows like htis one, both of which are offset from the motor vehicle traffic. Except for the absence of a curb or other physical barrier preventing motor vehicles from encroaching on the bike space, this facility is just about perfect. And it's free.


Meanwhile, NYC for-profit garage owners are fighting hard to avoid taking bikes at all, or charging illegal bike parking tax.


Get with the program, guys!

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Taken on January 16, 2010