Bye bye love hello loneliness

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    1. Patrick Barber 51 months ago | reply

      a prime candidate for the spanking new how not to lock your bike group

    2. jodyjocox 51 months ago | reply

      pp - please don't tell me this was your bike.....

    3. plattyjo 51 months ago | reply

      Such a sad photo... :(

    4. huntercycles 51 months ago | reply

      thats a nice rim...

    5. Bici Girl 51 months ago | reply

      no I would never lock just the wheel. It is a nice rim and a very sad photo.

    6. SuperEvilBrian 49 months ago | reply


      I used to see this all the time in NYC. The $120 super-beefy chain lock attached to a cheap wheel and nothing else. Maybe they don't realize a wheel comes off pretty easily or they're just lazy?

    7. mkorsakov 49 months ago | reply

      That's not some kind of art, is it?

    8. seancb 49 months ago | reply

      I don't get it - to get the bike away they must remove the hub from the bike anyways. So why cut the spokes?

      I suspect this was two thefts - 1. someone took the bike and left the wheel. 2. someone cut the spokes and took the hub.

    9. Bici Girl 49 months ago | reply

      If you someone could break the lock they could also take the nice rim too. :(

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