Jack Laurenson in Bhopal
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In December 1984, millions were saddened and horrified as the initial Bhopal gas-disaster unfolded. Yet today, too few are aware the tragedy continues. The poorest people in Bhopal have lived the past 27 years in Union Carbide’s toxic shadow.

About Jack's work:

"I’m an independent documentary photographer & journalist based in London; my work is about people, the environment, conflict and social issues. I have worked regularly in India over the years and first traveled to Bhopal in 2010 on assignments for Geographical magazine and The Bhopal Medical Appeal..."

"This trip was quite an eye-opener to the terrible issues still affecting Bhopal and I spent around a month investigating the communities that live in Union Carbide’s shadow... The first part of this project, published here, explores the water and soil contamination, as well as the health effects and the work being done by the Bhopal Medical Appeal at their Sambhavna Clinic."

Despite returning early due to sickness, this project resulted in him becoming a regular contributor to and campaigner for the Bhopal Medical Appeal. The pictures were also short-listed in the Environmental Photographer of the Year Award 2011.
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