Takumar / M42 Mount
I have a nice selection of Asahi Takumar lenses I normally use with my Pentax Spotmatic bodies (of which I have 3). The Takumar lenses are world-renowned for sharpness, clarity and bokeh and I am lucky to have 50mm, 85mm, 135mm and 200mm Takumar lenses. I also use a Sigma 24mm on occasion -- all prime. Now, with an adapter, I can use these on my Fuji XE-1 system, and dialing in the Velvia film simulation, it almost feels like analog once again. The manual focus without a split-screen is a little tricky, but otherwise -- I am loving it!!

In addition to the usual collected albums, all images taken with the Fuji - Takumar / Sigma system are in this album, too.
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