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There's a story that goes along with this photo that will be totally boring if you aren't into camera gear, etc.... Basically, I went to the air show with my new D7000 that I've had for a few weeks, but have not had a chance to shoot aircraft with yet.


I should have known... one of the main reasons I like shooting aircraft is for the challenge -- it's hard. It is very difficult to get anything of quality, and it hooks you into the challenge. Setting myself up with a new camera made it even worse.


I spent 2.5 hours shooting about 500 photos, I purged a good 100 during the show. But when I got home I was disappointed to find... none that were keepers.


Well, almost.


By the time I got through all the sifting and shifting and probing these images I did find two out of the 405 I kept that worked. The first is that P-51 image that was 1/203 that I shot of that one aircraft! Not a good ratio!


The second is this one shot of the T-Birds, and as it turns out, there were five or six of the last ten shots that weren't too bad. All others were blurry, all of them.


Part of this is that I am way out of practice, I'm sure I could have come up with some more good ones if I had more practice. But the thing that bugged me was that even on the slow moving images I was getting a lot of blur and soft lines! Is my camera broken? Is my lens bad?


I think the reason I got ten fair shots, and this one good one, right at the end was that I had noticed my bad 'keeper ratio' and completely reset everything on the camera during the last 5 minutes I was at the show. Turns out that while the continuous focus does work on the D7000, even for a fast mover, the continuous focus 3D tracking does not work at all for anything moving this quickly. I thought I was being all cool using the new-fangled-techno-cool setting on the new camera, but it was really messing with my results. Lesson learned. Now to practice to get my keeper ratio back up to acceptable levels.

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Taken on August 5, 2012