Day 90: Ninety days. 9-0. Nine zero.

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    With maybe the exception of raising kids (and work of course) today officially marks the longest period of time that I have dedicated to a single project. I have an infamously fickle attention span: I am literally that guy who'll say "ooh, shiny!" and run off while in the middle of a conversation. Yeah, I've missed a few days here and there due a frequent combination of lack of preparation and last-minute travel plans. Above and beyond those omissions I'm content at how well Misadventures at 720nm has come along in three months. I've had some great comments, some great interaction with the unwashed (photographic) masses that I've really enjoyed. Thank you everyone who has contributed here since day 1!

    Peering into the murky future: New template (maybe a whole new CMS).

    On the photograph: Son of a bitch. I try and try and try and fry for months, but I finally wind up with a photograph I can point to and say of, "this is the image I wanted" with something I originally snapped to check metering. A happy accident. Sure, you've seen this before. I reserve the right to display the same subject from different angles and at different exposures if I judge it relevant. I mean, look back up there. I see a perfect vignette, perfect angle, perfect grain and a perfect sky. I could never ask for more.

    1. closed mitten [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      Amazing! Love the black and white.

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