Mauritius Pilgrimage 2021
The 2021 Mauritius pilgrimage was a one of a kind, and never to be repeated again experience. With the nationwide lockdown, what was planned to be an outward adventure around the island transformed into a journey deeper within. As it is said, ‘Humans make plans, and God laughs!’

Though we remained mostly on the stunning Anelia Resort property, the days were nothing short of enriching. While much of the island quarantined at home, we had the great blessing of an ocean side, intimate quarantine with Paramahamsa Vishwananda.

The daily schedule, much more simplified then any other pilgrimage, consisted of daily abhishekams, lively kirtans, OM chanting, dozens of educational and heart opening satsangs from Guruji Himself, story sharing and discussion amongst the sangha, and of course the legendary Shivaratri!

To add to the exceptionally unique quality of this experience, we launched the first ever, incredibly successful virtual pilgrimage! The media team worked night and day to deliver top quality live footage, capturing moments that are not even seen in person! The reviews from participants were so touching and affirmative for the continuation of virtual pilgrimages to come.

It’s a challenge to put into words the ‘avalanche of grace’ that flowed from this unique chapter with the Master. So may these photos be the color and life of the many blessings from this very special Mauritius pilgrimage.
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