Gurupurnima 2020
On this beautiful day of Gurupurnima, devotees came together to acknowledge, praise and thank our Gurudev. With travel restrictions raised slightly, The Ashram could accommodate a few more than usual. As a result, many of those that hadn't been able to come since the 'lockdown' were very happy to attend!

This year's Gurupurnima events included a maha-abhishekam for all the Temple deities; the traditional bhajan mala: 108 bhajans sung, one after the other, by country groups from all over the world (but this time it was all an online tribute, coming from videos sent from each country); and a satsang given by Gurudev.

Later, everyone assembled on the back lawn. Set up with beautiful lights and a rose flower display, Guruji's asan was on one side and His 'Raj tent' on the other. Seating for Gurudev's brahmacharis and brahmacharinis was placed right in between, to acknowledge those who, with their vows, have devoted their lives to His service. The program included guru-pada-abhishekam to Gurudev's Feet where everyone could offer; His rice blessings for everyone; a picnic on the back lawn; stories told about His life; satsangs given by Mayuran and Shyam, and a beautiful satsang given by Gurudev about the relationship of the devotee to the satguru.

The evening lasted until well after midnight, when the golden Moon in the clear night sky guided everyone home.
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