Babaji Day 2019
Mahavatar Babaji is the Guru of Paramahamsa Vishwananda, and the father of all Kriya Yoga lineages. Babaji Day recognises the immortal yogi who, 5000 years ago, pledged to stay on the planet and guide all those on the spiritual path until they reached the ultimate goal of God-Realisation.

Like every year, The Ashram was packed with devotees from all over the world. As is traditional these days, Atma Kriya Yoga Level 2 was given by Guruji for those who had been regularly practising Level 1, but in a surprise announcement, Guruji offered for the first time to give AKY Level 3 to those who had been practicing Level 2 for 5 years without missing more than one day in each of those years! it was a historic way to recognise the gifts of this lineage and the mystical Jagadguru of the Himalayas who continues to watch over all AKY yogis to this day.
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