Gurupurnima 2019
Every year, all over the world, Bhakti Marga bhaktas devote the day of Gurupurnima to acknowledge, praise and thank our Gurudev. Naturally, the atmosphere at SPN was one of celebration and reverence for our Satguru, and the temple was packed to capacity.

This year, Gurupurnima was set between the joyous Just Love Festival and two Darshan days, so the entire week was a non-stop celebration. Gurupurnima events included the day-long traditional Bhajan Mala: 108 bhajans sung, one after the other, by country devotees from all over the world; Guru Pada Abhishekam to Gurudev's feet; a Maha Abhishekam for all the Temple deities; a play done by the children, and of course lots of singing, dancing and blessings given by our Gurudev.
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