Apple's Flagship 5th Ave Store Under Construction

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  1. !fatima ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Emirates Mac, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  2. Kamran Ahmed [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I think its an open invitation to another 9/11 in Manhattan Americans should respect Islam and its belongings. one should not test the others temperament its alway a two side game. you take your move now its their turn.

  3. OndraSoukup ages ago | reply

    Kamran Ahmed: Yeah, cause when someone makes something even remotely similar to a thing in your religion, it's a good opportunity to drop a plane or two there...

    *laughs* :)

  4. OndraSoukup ages ago | reply

    Did Apple call it "mecca" ? Didn't notice, really

  5. alsay2007 [deleted] ages ago | reply

    please change the title of the picture..why shoud you all fight for nothing?? its just a glass cube
    -- (?)

  6. Hash Milhan ages ago | reply

    dalasv, not only muslims, any one can make anything cubed. but calling it this apple "mecca" can cause a bit of an outrage. (muslims take the name "mecca" to heart the same way "nike" or "coca-cola" have trademarked their names.. but actually theres more to that.)

    so is this opened by Apple, or some other ppl?

  7. OndraSoukup ages ago | reply

    Apple didn't call it "mecca" many times do you need to get this repeated ?!

    Apple didn't call it "mecca" - Apple didn't call it "mecca" - Apple didn't call it "mecca" - Apple didn't call it "mecca" - Apple didn't call it "mecca" - Apple didn't call it "mecca" - Apple didn't call it "mecca" - Apple didn't call it "mecca"...EVER!!

  8. TruLuvCumzInDaEnd ages ago | reply

    It makes no difference what they have called it. it seems to be a copy of our holy place in mecca and they have decided to sell things forbidden in our religion in this. how can they do this knowing that the only other cubed place in the world most people know of IS the kaabah!!!!!!!!!

    and dalasv no its not just muslims who can make the cubed buildings, but why make it sooooooooooooooooooooo like the kaabah which is the muslims place of pilgrimage????????????????? they need to think before they make anything, although im sure theyre not exactly stupid, so they should know that doing certain things will arouse our anger, like the cartoons...they did those knowing that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY INSULT TO OUR PROPHET pbuh. some people are not as passionate about their religion. WE ARE and if we see somthing insulting towards our u reali think were gna sit bak n jus watch???????? it hurts to see all of this happening. we are just decent people , and we get on with our daily lives like everyone else. the only difference is that who believe in Allah swt and Prophet Muhammad pbuh. why do u need to make things hard for us. why do things to make us angry???????????????

  9. OndraSoukup ages ago | reply

    Yeah, so kaaba (see, I'm not capitalizing it on purpose ;) is whole made out of glass and iPods are banned in your country.

    If you'd ever see huge plates of glass transported and installed, they have foil on them. Why ? So they don't scratch or break that easy. C'mon, slow down, have a cool beer and calm down...or something...whoops, sorry, you can't have a beer :)))

  10. OndraSoukup ages ago | reply

    dalasv: yeah, exactly...
    anyone can say that my mom is a cunt, my god is an incapable asshole...
    I don't care, no matter if you're white, black, christian or muslim...only thing that upsets me are idiots who pour their hearts on the internet and think they are actually doing something :D

  11. n.alitte ages ago | reply

    hey ondrasoukup n not sayin apple named it mecca....
    im sayn y does the title of the pic have the 'apple mecca'......n even if its not to insult the kaabah....
    y the damn is so many people thinkin its kaaba??......
    cuz it luks so much as they are tryin 2 make it luk like the kaaba......right

  12. OndraSoukup ages ago | reply

    Yeah, totally...did you read the bit about masking the glass for transport reasons ?! I think you skipped a line there. So go back, read it again, learn spelling and come tell us stuff...

  13. n.alitte ages ago | reply

    spellin actually dosnt matter =p.... not makin this a big fuss n all

  14. n.alitte ages ago | reply

    n i dont actually care............its aint gonna be kaabah or anythin

  15. iheartlondon ages ago | reply

    I LOVE Apple but this is so WRONG! They SHOULD NOT call it or refer to it as Mecca (the holiest place for Muslims), it's offensive and so wrong to Muslims and Islam. It's blasphemous and it should be changed. Call it anything else, but I think people are getting confused with the meaning of the word "Mecca" and the fact that the cube somehow resembles the holy Ka'aba. Then people put down phrases like, "Bow before the fountains for the faithful" - it's WRONG! People don't take the piss out of Jews publicly or call it the Vatican of Apples, do they? Seriously, think more then a nano-second before writing these things down and thinking up stupid and offensive titles for a shop. It's a shop, NOT A HOLY PLACE, Geeeze. I thought NYC was better then this.

  16. 1hr photo ages ago | reply

    iheartlondon & TruLuvCumzInDaEnd and others...Please don't look at this, then...

    Mecca - AND gambling!

    I'm not altogether sure that muslims have any copyright on cuboid buildings.

    TruLuvCumzInDaEnd If the things that Apple sells (computers) are forbidden in your religion, then what are you using to post on Flickr? A toaster?

    There really is no end to the things that some people (with a grand total of 0 photos, 0 contacts, 0 groups and 0 avatars between them) can persuade themselves to get upset about.

  17. honesty121 97 months ago | reply

    hey ppl wot are u a talking about. we are making history. we have been through the history. we all should 1st have a review in the history. where when wot happened. its quite clear. i would like my Muslim brothers to get remind the teaching of our religion, where there is mentioned clearly that we the Muslims ruled and these Muslims will go down. this is the time we are towards the down fall. And then remind the most important thing that is when Muslims get to extreme lower position they will rise again and then there will be no one to face the Muslims.
    and after all U know when it comes near to death of THOS it runs towards the city.
    but we don't need to over react or fall into discussions coz if they can make cubes similar to KABA u can also hang a pair of titts and cock with the cross. Isn't it quite simple.

  18. yasir34 86 months ago | reply

    why u make this buliding,sham on you all usa.

    we candom your project,sham on you sham on you,

  19. imran fearless 81 months ago | reply

    only AMERICAN(JEWS) BASTARDS can think like this.they are thinking that no one can ask is sure that the person who built this building and who are all helping to built this building can not get good DEATH.

  20. muslims are the best 80 months ago | reply

    hey every one the fact is that u hate muslims but why u like our holy place. in all the world u unknown peoples u have found only this structure .i gona tell u that u try ur level best to make worng things and worng videos and i tells that u r wrong. we are muslims and we are and we are united.go a head and try to defeat us.

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