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Resolution | by beX out loud
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January 1, 2009


So this is my third attempt at doing a 365 project. I tried to do my junior year (start at school year) yeah that failed and I tried again on my 17th birthday thinking i would do 17-18 but that failed as well, so i figured with the new year i would try it with about 500 other people.


My first picture well it speaks for its self, Resolution...because this year I plan to sticking to mine, and here they are:



1. Work on my personal appearance, like keeping weight down and getting a little tan, because even if we(i) hate to admit it, looks DO count.


2. Complete my photography goals, well get ahead in some of them...

-getting books printed


-winning a spot at ArtFest in Fort Myers

-getting into one of the art colleges i like

-actually complete a 365


in 2008, i finally got recognized for it but mainly in sports photography for working at a local newspaper.


3. Repair some relationships, well friendships that use to be very close to me and just kind of drifted away, create some new ones (make friends with people that i just haven't yet), reconnect with some old friends who i just talk to every once in awhile now, and ecspeically keep 3 extremely special ones.


4. Stop a few bad habits, like doubting myself so much.


5. Following through on all the plans that I make with myself, and the ideas that i come up well as the the ones that my bestfriend m!r and i make.

Like our trips and writting my movie.


6. Actually keeping these resolutions, because in all reality if i made anymore, then well none would happen haha


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