• A little biasing is normal.
  • The good Nutkin.
  • The bad Nutkin
  • This twisting is out of control and undesirable.

Nutkin Showdown

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There have been a lot of comments about the Nutkin sock twisting uncontrollably. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why some twist and some do not. Thanks to Trish fromThe Tangled Arts, the mystery has been solved.

Behold the lovely Nutkin on the left. It has a minor amount of twisting, which is a natural effect caused by all of the left-leaning decreases. On the right, you see Nutkin's evil twin.

You must take care to keep your stitches straight when you fold the cuff over and knit the cast on row with the live stitches. The first cast on stitch must be knit together with the first stitch in the round. If you are off just a stitch or two, you end up with the evil twisted twin.

To ensure you get the right stitch, it may help to put a split ring stitch marker or safety pin on the first cast on stitch before knitting the first round.

That is Reynolds Soft Sea Wool, by the way, and I don't like it very much.

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  1. >WonderMike< 84 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. just maryse 84 months ago | reply

    that makes perfect sense. i must have made mine right because i have very little twist.

    i feel very superior now ;)

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  3. cauchy09 84 months ago | reply

    Whoa, what a difference one stitch makes! This is a great demonstration.

  4. BrickMillStudio 83 months ago | reply

    i am evidently inferior. However, the twist doesn't really bother me all that much... really! ;-) I'll try to do better next time... I really liked this pattern!

  5. weepopstar 82 months ago | reply

    Instead of picking-up the stitches, I started with a provisional cast on, so the stitches were "live" when they needed to be picked up... This worked soo much better and looks so much better than just picking up the stitches.

  6. mknit 74 months ago | reply

    you know... I should have read this more carefully when i casted on for this sock... hopefully i did it right.. and do not end up with an evil twin. OR, the next time I'll try the provisional cast on.

  7. hesadevil 54 months ago | reply

    I'm a novice sock knitter and am scared by the twisty thing. What would happen to the pattern if I didn't do the turn-over but worked a plain 2x2 ribbed duff instead?

  8. Miss Stella Blue 53 months ago | reply

    Dear Hesadevil, first of all, remember it's "just yarn" and nothing to b scared off, ever. Secondly, I'm on my second pair of these socks and there were no injuries. I knitted them top down. The first pair has a k4, p1, k5, p2 ribbing, the continued into the pattern. There was twist of about 1 pattern repeat width in the cuff of the sock. I used Auracania sock yarn. The second pair has a k10,p1 ribbing, which rolls outward in a whimsical way. These also have twist. I'm using Mini Mochi which is a single-ply. If you're a spinner you know that can cause twist. Personally I think the twist is a natural result of the pattern, caused by all the decreases.
    By the way, if you mirror the pattern, you can get cool opposite direction twist cables in your second sock.

  9. omtard 17 months ago | reply

    has anyone done a toe-up conversion for this pattern?

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