Woodrow Wilson Bridge
Of course the description below is from a couple of years ago. My old bridge is just a dream. New bridge is complete, even if poorly designed! Didn't anyone think of escape gates between the through and local lanes in the event of a mishap in just one or the other??

This set includes two Woodrow Wilson Bridges. The original was dedicated in 1961 and opened in 1962. The replacement bridge was dedicated in May 2006 and will eventually have two six-lane spans, one for each direction of traffic. Currently one span is complete and is carrying all bridge traffic. Demolition of the old bridge is well underway.

The new bridge is lovely. But I really love the old bridge. It's got character. It's got soul. And I've been shooting it for years and years. I'm going to miss it.

In this set, old bridge pix are at the beginning. New bridge pix are at the end. Some shots have elements of both.

Bridge website: www.wilsonbridge.com
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