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Yesterday I just couldn't. but i'm not going to worry about finishing exactly when I started anymore. mainly because i'm going away for two weeks soon and i'm not going to be uploading for those two weeks. But i will be taking photos. I was torn about not uploading. I wanted to, but then i really didn't. I wanted to take a photo and not just re edit an old one.


The rain woke me up this morning at six because of how loud it was on my windows. It was sort of scary but ridiculously comforting and so beautiful a sound to be woken up by. It's raining again now and is supposed to be raining all night, and all of tomorrow.


I kind of begrudge having two window photos one after the other, but i'm going to be uploading this regardless.


I went shopping today with my Mum and Brother. I got some new flip flops, too.

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Taken on July 6, 2012