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30-05-10 I Gave Up Something And I Gave It Up For Nothing ~ ...Explored

226/365 It's that book again, luckily it didn't break when I used it for the 'flying' photo.

So I got tagged by Ashleigh Rose, and here I am. Why am I always so serious in these?!


10 Facts

1. My middle name is Victoria and I don't like it much.

2. All my lenses are manual.

3. I want Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160 slide film for my cameras :(

4. In the past week I've sent 300+ texts and made 3 hours worth of calls.

5. It's been 30 days.

6. If I'm bored I'll draw on anything I can find and make paper aeroplanes.

7. I want a love tattoo.

8. When I don't feel good my photos are bad.

9. I have a bear I called Persil after the washing powder he got washed in when I was little.

10. I don't tan, I freckle.


So here's the deal, if I've tagged you, you take a self-portrait, write ten random facts about yourself and then tag 10 others - including me so I can see your amazing efforts. Easy peasy. The people I've tagged are all random, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

9,000 stream views?! Waw.

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Update: Explored #203? Okay haha

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Taken on May 30, 2010