• Red sticker mentioned in the story - how did it get there? What does it say? I do not know. I'll have to take a closer look the next time I go there :)
  • A bit of rusting - beautiful! :)
  • Two small reflection dots from the light bulb, or something that I think is a light bulb, are visible in the larger picture. :)

The Lone Stand Light

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Full larger version on Eyeography.

The existence of contrasting elements in the universe, and things outside of the universe, result in more disagreements than the creation of the feelings of awe and interest, and the feeling that maybe contrasting elements are at the same time related directly and similar, among observers of different kinds. One of such contrasting elements is the idea of minimalism. In simple terms, it is the idea of something existing in a minimal form where external elements, like backgrounds or different characters in a picture, do not confuse an observer when it comes to observing a single specific theme in a picture. Minimalism can be in many things including pictures. Me talking about minimalism in such confusing terms can be considered both a minimalistic form of confusing myself, and also a contrast to the very idea of minimalism.

On a very beautiful, cold and foggy day in Berkeley, I ran across this light. A stand, to be more precise. Or maybe a light stand. This light shines at night, to try to show the way to anyone who approaches it from near or from far, directly or indirectly. This very stand, not seen at all from a 60 second walking distance, suddenly unveiled itself in front of me when I was walking to the nearby hill edge stop sign. The fog made it hard to clearly look at the inner details of this stop light sign. Maybe that is what I needed to discover, for the stand light had very impressively shown how it compares against the background with its firm stand. I did, however, notice that as I came closer, the actual image that I had from the far was still there, while I also saw finer details, like rusting off the stand in one spot, 2 light bulb spot reflection dots, and a reddish sticker sticking near the top, which you can see on the stand in the full larger picture.

Like a dark pose, firmly withstanding its surrounding, it stood there, ready to live in the cold and foggy weather. People walked by it and stood near it to see where they were headed. Some children threw trash near it, for it was a more visible place to throw stuff when the parents kept an eye on where their maturing children threw the trash away. Two people passed it and one of them exclaimed "Didn't we pass this one a few moments ago?" I wondered what kind of reaction that statement had on the stand light. Maybe it had no effect at all. Or maybe it meant a lot: good or bad, that is something I am not sure of yet.

What I thought was that the light was not turned on during the day, which made me lover the light stand a lot. It did not see the cold and the foggy weather as something that distracted from the path. It probably saw the fog similar to how I saw it, something that is more normal and acceptable than the sunny sun most of the time.

It was the perfect silhouette for me, not against the sun but against the fog. The fog was holding onto the light and creating its own shady background: you could see that you exist and that some vacuum exists around you, but you would have to walk further to see anything. There were a lot of other standing lights out there, similar to the ones I had run into earlier that day. This one was standing alone, far from the other light stands. It was not different since its creation or since its realization that it exists. It had probably chosen to stand separately and alone. Or maybe it had chosen to accept that it was placed in this location.

Who knows. I probably can describe this stand light better with some minimalist expression like "The Firm Light Stand that stood in and against the Firm Strong Fog", instead of this whole storical background. All I know is that I loved this angle so much that this picture is now my favorite stand light and fog picture. Or maybe it is my minimalism fog stand light picture. I am not sure. So far, it is usually very hard for me to be minimalistic in expressing things which have a lot of meaning and attachment to me. This is my view of minimalism.

Thanks for looking. I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed looking at this picture or this description story the same way I enjoyed taking this picture and working on it to share it with others. :)

  1. jessicakayyy 76 months ago | reply

    Awesome photo, awesome description. I love when people write stories or go into great depth about their photos, it let's me get into their head a little bit and understand where their thought patterns are which a lot of the time brings new meaning to the photo itself. I like the way you thought about the light stand and it's perspective and it's story. It's not often that I consider the lamp posts perspective, but if I do I take on a whole new appreciation for them. They stand strong in all weather, just to light our paths. Awesome.

  2. Bes Z 76 months ago | reply

    :D Thank you Jessica! That's an awesome comment and makes me wanna go out and take dozen more pics!

    I love describing things related to my pictures too many time. Everything has its own meaning for everyone, or it should, and I like describing that too. I'm very glad you noticed those things like the lamp posts' perspective - for some reason I'm really into thinking how other people and things would think about things in general and in particular.

    Thank you. :)

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