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Kelvin B100PKS 16Nov08

Kelvin B100PKS Banknock 15May11 B100PKS rear BBG 4Jan07 B100PKS BBG 4Jan07 LMS168W FordneukSt 28Nov10c B100PKS LindsaybegRd 28Nov10c B100PKS BBG 28Nov10c Kelvin B100PKS 18Apr10 Kelvin B100PKS MoT18Apr10 Kelvin B100PKS NCarbrain 5Dec09 bw Kelvin B100PKS NCarbrain 5Dec09 Kelvin B100PKS Lennox House 18May08 Kelvin B100PKS 16Nov08 Kelvin B100PKS Midland B105PKS Alexanders 21Aug11c Kelvin 1669 Cd Depot 4May13 Kelvin 1669r Cd Depot 4May13 LMS168W B100PKS W944ULL Cd 4May13 1669_light_31Mar07 1669_upperdeck_31Mar07 Gary_s_bus2 Kelvin_1669_B100PKS

Alexander bodied MCW Metrobus B100PKS

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WSMTDL2499 says:

800  L B100 PKS  MCW Metrobus  Ar AL. Callendar Riggs Bus Station FALKIRK Seen later on in life with Midland Bluebird Ltd
Posted 107 months ago. ( permalink )

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