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2012.20: Summer labors

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This is all the jam I've made this summer, minus half a dozen or so jars that have been eaten or given away. I've been making just small batches because I've only got 1 cabinet I can spare for jam storage.

I also made 4 jars of salsa (2 left) and 8 jars of peach BBQ sauce.

I'm still planning on making some apple sauce and/or butter, more salsa, tomato sauce & pickles before produce season is over!

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  1. pumpkinknits 20 months ago | reply

    Holy shit, that's awesome!

  2. saripinksparkles 20 months ago | reply

    very nice! applesauce is so easy and yummy when you make it!

  3. the boastful baker 20 months ago | reply

    I predict that next year you'll be cramming jars in every nook and cranny in your house like I do!

  4. cauchy09 20 months ago | reply

    shit, woman!

  5. knitting by bicycle 20 months ago | reply

    i would like to eat all of this please

  6. Jocelyn_ 20 months ago | reply

    oh! I bought a (single) jar of jam at a farmer's market this weekend & chatted with the lady about canning, and she cited the satisfaction of a big cupboard full different jams. Yum - can't wait to try this!

  7. lauren*o 20 months ago | reply

    oh mah. gah. you're going to be set on JAM, that's for sure!

  8. m_soto 20 months ago | reply

    Oooh, that is fantastic!

  9. angela8626 20 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot...yum!

  10. grammardog 20 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous! Great work.

  11. knitting iris 20 months ago | reply

    ooo. peach-raspberry!

  12. Smedette 20 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful.

  13. wickedphysics 20 months ago | reply

    Great work! Looks fantastic

  14. Applecyder 20 months ago | reply

    oh hello this is awesome.

  15. kandkrose 20 months ago | reply

    SO beautiful and it looks VERY tasty!!

  16. joan2021 20 months ago | reply

    I love your photo of jam jars stacked high. I made lots of strawberry jams, and peach jam and preserves. I recommend the best cookbook on making jam, The Blue Chair Fruit cookbook of jams and jellies. My jams and pickles took ribbons at the local county fairs. You are invited to read my blog and follow me at www.farmtojar.blogspot.com.

  17. manal63 19 months ago | reply

    that is fantastic

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