• if rounded corners on "search" also on the input box?
    way too big
    should the magnifier be here? on the left or right?
  • looks redundant to me. i know i am searching d.o not another site
  • love the new logo
  • not too fond on the gradients. looks dated: "so 2007/2008"
  • the fountain isnt too bad, predictable (as kika pointed out by poiting towards a 5 year old design) but / hence good
  • if dries will claim this mark he has to act fast and make sure the DA is okay with the DA paying th ebill for his rights
  • here is the fold on a 13" screen. not useful imho
  • i would rather have three buttons here
    *Get started (enduser)
    *Get involved (community)
    *Get business (commercial support)
    or something like that.

    for example with three primary colors
    green ==user==fresh

    and use those colors on all pages
  • small: make instead of made. this is why we need a styleguide for text as well
  • minor: text to be changed. also, needs a bit more graphical change to stand out from the rest of the footer?
  • apart from being less useful here, the f/p of d.o gets too many hits to use the free service of google maps !
  • small fold here as well :-)
  • hmm, we have to work on this slogan :-)
  • Meer spacing - living downtown
  • Maybe some rounded corners here? - living downtown
  • you cant have a dashboard when you are not logged in, can you? better to make a tab "why register" or so?
  • right now the emphasis is on "in" and "speaking"?
  • how we are going to find out what languages ppl speak? or is this translations?
  • i like big sitemaps in footers. yet, to bring the page in balance might need a grey gradient since the top uses this as well
  • we can add a "made with Drupal" icon here, and maybe we can also add the @drupalhead twitter account with a twitter icon, i just discovered it a few days ago and i think it's really useful. Geeks like me will love it. - redundant station
  • This doesn't look useful for me - redundant station
  • Bigger image, just one or two lines of description below with link, and an arrow at the left to load the following example: an ajaxy slides gallery. - redundant station
  • +1 - redundant station
  • +1. Check my comment below. - redundant station
  • About languages: Wordpress' site detects what's your location and your browser language and then it tells you if it's a localizated version you can be interested in. That's pretty cool. - redundant station
  • "Empowering people and organizations to build powerful, reach, interactive websites" is much better... and it's in the footer! I would like to see something like that summarized to 5 or 7 words here. - redundant station
  • I really like the detail of the asterisk - logo, and i think this should be highlighted replacing this asterisk with the splash :) - redundant station

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  1. bertboerland 119 months ago | reply

    I once did a flickr experiment where people could comment and add notes on the pages what they liked and what they didnt like about a websites design. it worked great. not to pull people away from groups.drupal.org/node/16548 but to add a richter medium where people can add notes on the page (hence flickr) to create an even betetr site

    please drop comments on g.d.o and notes here.

  2. tim.millwood 119 months ago | reply

    - Gradient
    - Bold look

    Don't like:
    - big search
    - small mtv screenshot
    - logo splash
    - lack of Drupalicon

  3. Dries 119 months ago | reply

    I like the gradient too. I also like the slogan -- it captures the 'social good'.

  4. bertboerland 119 months ago | reply

    @dries. the slogan might be good from from the d.o point of view and from a (potential) developer point of view.

    however, if you are a potential user, you do not want to change the web let alone the world. you want to change or create your website.

    so if we are addressing the developers, it might be a good slogan, but addressing our potential users needs another tone of voice imho.

  5. knotty act [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

    Google maps on a homepage is such a bad idea, imagine the performance hit on older machines (We made a site once that had a Google maps on the homepage, bad-bad idea)

  6. redundant station [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

    i also think it's a bad-bad idea to put a map in the homepage... and i'm wondering why there isn't any screenshot of Drupal itself in homepage. That's something that calm potential users down... i think they will search through drupal.org site for screenshots, some of us are so tired of opensource software common problems that don't want to get started until we can check the software doesn't have a crappy administration UI. Check how it's solved in wordpress.org homepage.
    If you wanted to communicate "community" putting a map, and you feel you lose that if you replace this content with screenshots, I think it's better to put there a flickr gallery where users post screenshots of different themes and administration themes... we can also add some text that says: "Customized front-end and back-end, community supported" We can make a "Drupal lovers" group here in flickr, and that will also make our community to grow at different social networks

  7. tmoseler 119 months ago | reply

    Great technology, Bert. How does one comment on the regions and get them onto the picture?
    Ah, I found the tool above the picture. Thanks.

  8. redundant station [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

    click over the "add note" icon, tmoseler: the second one above the image.

  9. redundant station [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

    @bertboerland: please add this to the Drupal Redesign group!: www.flickr.com/groups/drupalredesign/

  10. bertboerland 119 months ago | reply

    @demenence.com.ar done

  11. tim.millwood 119 months ago | reply

    @demenence.com.ar The problem with putting a screenshot of Drupal on the front page is, what does Drupal look like?

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