Interlock tours Smidgen's

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    1. rileyporter 41 months ago | reply

      Do you have the design files for this? I did something very similar. Just wanted to see yours. I never finished the z axis and its sitting in my workshop waiting to be picked up again.

      You should also look at grblShield or TinyG to drive this thing.


    2. bert_m_b 41 months ago | reply

      This is just a stock Mantis 9.1. Almost picked up a grblShield a few weeks ago but it was out of stock... so I've made up a shield of my own that holds three of the polulu drivers with some other minimal connectors and components.

    3. rileyporter 41 months ago | reply

      thought mantis was routed so not laser compliant?
      Hmm I will take another look. The polulu drivers are nothing but trouble imo. The DRV881's are virtually indestructible.


    4. bert_m_b 41 months ago | reply

      There aren't any partial cuts or anything, so a laser is fine. It's half-inch plywood though, so I don't think most people can cut that on their Epilogs. You do still have to do the match-drilling manually for the precision rod, but that's the same as if you had used a router.

      What sort of problems have you had with the Pololu driver boards?

    5. rileyporter 41 months ago | reply

      I can do 1/2 plywood on my 45W epilog. Its about the max it can do however. The drivers are very touchy. They work.. then they do not. Temperamental I guess is a better way of saying that. Why not cut the holes for the match drilling? Why use the drill?

    6. bert_m_b 41 months ago | reply

      I probably should've just lasered all the holes, you're right. They weren't specified in the DXF file though (just center lines or pilot holes... I forget), and qcad was such a horror that I just sent them along to the laser cuttery relatively unaltered.

    7. rileyporter 41 months ago | reply

      ahah qcad sucks! Well I dont like it. I use google sketchup.

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