Banksy - Every picture tells a lie
The worlds most famous Streetartist Banksy was invited to Berlin in the year 2003 for the first Backjumps Exhibition in Bethanien by Adrian Nabi. This was when he painted the soldiers in a blood splattered background, but, with a smile instead of a face and the wings of angels. The whole work is called "Every picture tells a lie".

After Banksy became the most famouse Streetartist in the world. The work was allready oainted over more then 10 times.

But soon there was the idea to restore that work of art, for a short amount of time, just to have a look what happens.

The experiment was supposed to show the "Banksy Effect". 100 of visitors who are passing all the artworks, free exhibitions and concerts on theire way through the Bethanien just to get a shot, or a selfie infront of an artwork by the most famouse Streetartist of the world:


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