Commencement Concert 2015
Berklee College of Music’s graduate class of 2015 put on a special concert to celebrate their graduation that took place on a floating stage that was set up at the reflecting pool opposite the Hemisféric in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia on July 11th.

The concert featured the following performances in a variety of musical styles, multi-media and technology displays, and screening of film cues from the Master in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games.

Daniel Marin & Friends – Flamenco Percussion Ensemble

Djank Yucca (Nick Bernstein & Gianni Abbott) – “Djank Yucca Presents”

George Lacson (GLP) – “Ain’t it Funny” (Original song)

Gonzalo Eyzaguirre & the Colectiva Corazon – “Nena” (Original song)

Jaewon Kim & Friends – “Aria” (Original song)

Jana Sustersic & Friends – “Uptown Funk” (Mark Ronson)

Ji Hwang (Ji-Unit) – Funk medley (James Brown/Tower of Power/Jackson 5)

Juan Manuel Guevara & Friends – “Construção” (Original composition)

KB Killaz (Kyle Bagley) – “Apple Tree” (Original song)

Lili d’L Sol, Oscar Bahamonde & Bruna Lucchesi – “Amanecer” (Original song)

Maria Achaiba & Friends – Tocoban (Lord Kitchener)

Mi Young Kim Orchestra – “Spain” (Original composition)

Scratch Ambassadors – “Kashmir” (Led Zeppelin, arr. Webber)

Shane Del Robles & Friends – Little Liza Jane (traditional folk song, arr. Robles)

Sharif Elmahdi & Friends – “Evil Love” (Original song)

Sissy Dinkle, Bruna Lucchesi & Mariko Reid (trio) – Medley “It’s a long way”
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