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A collection of photos, lithographs and paintings from the Ole Bull digital collection. One set of portraits of Ole Bull, and one set with pictures of family and friends.

Ole Bornemann Bull (1810-1880) was the first great musical star of Norway. He was a violin virtouso and lived a long life touring Europe and the US. A true commercial pioneer of his time, he drew crowds of listeners to his concerts and his showmanship and forceful character earned him friends, enemies and fans whereever he went. The life and music of Ole Bull is an adventure and serves as a unique introduction to a time when modernity, commercialism and popular culture were in their infancy. This was a man that had posters of himself hung in New York even before he set foot on the American mainland, it is said that he even had his own brand of French perfume introduced to boost his fame.

Bergen Public Library is currently digitizing material concerning Ole Bull from several archives, and is very proud to present some of the pictures from our collection on flickr.

The documents are free to use, if no exception is expressed. Please make clear source reference to Bergen Public Library, The Ole Bull Collection.

Ole Bull portraits
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Ole Bull portraits

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