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Bringing Life To Ice Lake Basin

The last of the mountain snowpack for the season provides fresh stream water that brings life to the mountain basins down to the valleys and beyond. In this time of significant drought (biggest since the 1950s), I couldn't help but notice the life thriving high up in the San Juans - especially near the sources of water. No, it wasn't a surprise. But it was just good to see. They say money makes the world go 'round, but sometimes I think it's really the water...


This early morning panoramic image shows all kinds of wildflowers above an unnamed pond and (deep blue) Ice Lake in Ice Lake Basin near Silverton, Colorado. I thought capturing both the pond and the blue lake together really helped to show contrast in color. I've heard Ice Lake looks so deep blue because it has a light bottom and it has a high concentration of calcium carbonate which absorbs the green and red wavelengths, leaving the blue more visible.


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Taken on July 9, 2012