• Bose A2 headphones. This is bliss. Those headphones have an excellent sound and exceptional comfort that allows me to wear them for hours and hours:
  • Still with iPad 1. I have ordered the iPad 2 for my wife's birthday, but I plan on buying one for me only for Christmas. Then my daughter will inherit this amazing, useful machine. It has turned in the past year and something in my main computer.

    If you are a comics reader/fan like I am, you MUST get one of those.
  • Victorinox Flash USB. It is a first edition one. Back in the days its 256 MB were enormously much space. Nowadays they come in versions with many GB:
  • Stabilo BOSS Original. I use those two mainly in my Moleskine.
  • A book about European languages. I love languages. Maybe that's why I speak 7 of them.
  • This I bought at the TGV (French high-speed train) train station at Disneyland Paris. Every time we go there, we have to buy additional bags. :) This padlock was for one of the newly acquired bags.
  • One always needs to have a spare plastic bag. This one came with some special collector pins.
  • I don't smoke anymore, but one Bic is never too much. I actually wanted a Zippo, but it's way too heavy and this bag had to be minimalistic
  • EvoGrip:tm: Yellow S 18
    One of my favourite knives ever. I carry it one day in my pants, another in the bag. Usually when my iPhone's in the bag, this knife's in here too.
  • That is my iPhone4 in a Gelaskin. All my iPhones get one of those.
  • Bike lock key
  • Those are... well seriously, is there a man on the planet, who can't recognise those?
  • Caran d'Ache Fixpencil 884.299.
  • Conté graphite pencil leads
  • Ordning & Reda Carry Folder. Not leather, elastic band closed - I use it for work stuff. I need lots of material when I work on projects.
  • A mini-sized Moleskine. For language notes. This one's mainly for Mandarin - Putonghua:
  • Laguiole knife. Used only for food. Carried rarely, but since we traveled to France not long ago, it is still in the bag.
  • Still in my bag because of our regular trips to France. In theory don't need it to enter the country, but when abroad, I feel more comfortable when I have it.
  • Orbit Balance chewing gum. Tastes good. I don't believe this mumbo-jumbo about stress relief - I might as well suck my thumb.
  • Kleenex pocket sized. Toy Story 3 themed. this one is with Rex.
  • 3M Hand sanitiser.
  • Generic Xylometazoline - I sometimes cannot breathe without using this. My nose is stil a mess. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xylometazoline
  • Sanitiser. It's not like I have OCD, but I am "germ-concious" well over the average
  • Glasses cleaning solution from www.visilab.ch. It's where I made my glasses.
  • Biotherm face moisturising gel-cream
  • What was the boy-scouts rule?
    Yep, I'm always prepared.
  • Those mints are called Absinthe mints. I've never had Absinthe although it's not illegal in Switzerland anymore. To be honest, I simply found the tin utterly cool. :)
  • Public transportation is one of the coolest and best working things in our country. If you love trains you gotta ride a Swiss one.
  • Peaking under my glasses wiping cloth are my cards. ID, debit, video rental etc. BTW the one on top is the card for Film Riss - the best film rental place in whole Switzerland, not only in Zurich. Not only do they have enormous choice of really quality movies (not only blockbusters), but their staff is the most competent around and they really do love movies.
  • Saridon. In my periods of frequent headaches this saves me. I generally try not to take many chemicals, but this is a must for me.
  • Earplugs. Sometimes, very rarely, I don't even listen to music on my over 40 minutes of train ride home.
  • An interdental brush travel set.
    CPS 457 “pocket” Set
  • Soft cover reporter's Moleskine ruled for personal writings and lists, that I later transfer to Things.
  • Mirror. No, I'm not vain, really.
  • AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen

  • Livescribe Echo pen.

    It is the best thing for my notes. This allows me to sync my handwritten notes to Evernote (www.evernote.com) and to have all projects recorded on it.

  • Livescribe A5 notebook. Every word, every element of every project I work on has went trough those before or after it was in my iPad.
  • A Livescribe Flip Pad. My everyday companion. If I forget anything, this and my Livescribe pen make sure that when I open my Evernote in the morning, all I need for my projects is there.
  • Uni Ball Signo 207 multi-colour pens.
  • SIGG Steel Works Black Retro water bottle 8296.10

    I got rid of the aluminium cup/goblet/whatever-it-is part of it.


What's in my bag May 1st, 2011

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That's my first shot of my bag since I succumbed to the charm of Timbuk2. The fact is that I initially did not want a Timbuk2, but Crumpler, which was my initial choice didn't have bags that small. So after a long search I decided to take a second look at Timbuk2. It turned out that the initial design, which I didn't like at all was changed. Before the Timbuk2 bags were a big stuff-it-all area and a small pouch kind of hanging above that, which were the smaller pockets. I examined very carefully their bags online (yes, believe it or not, there is no store in Zurich, Switzerland officially distributing them). I fell in love with the new X-small design and the possibility to customise the colours.

Actually what was my primary goal is to have a very small but highly functional bag, which while limiting the amount of things I lug around will allow easy access to every item I manage to stuff in it.

The above might look much, but it really doesn't feel like this when it's in the bag and you really have to see my earlier bags if you think this is heavy.

Oh, iPad owners note this - your iPad will perfectly fit in that back (slash) pocket of the X-small Timbuk2 bags, even if it is in a small sleeve (mine, a Tucano, is not shown on the above picture).

So here is what I ordered:
Custom Messenger
size: X-small
ballistic nylon spinach / ballistic nylon limeade / ballistic nylon blue
binding: navy
logo: navy
liner: orange
slash pocket
reflector tabs
right handed

Would love if you like, or fave the picture or if you link externally to it to leave a short comment on what you like about it.

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  1. Bharath Kishore 47 months ago | reply

    That's one hell of a collection you've got there!!

    PS: Right handed bag? Never heard that in context of bags. Could tell a bit more about it?

  2. boncey 47 months ago | reply

    I believe Timbuk2 offer their bags in left-handed or right-handed configuration.
    It's something to do with which side the adjustment buckle sits on I think.

  3. Do8y 47 months ago | reply

    Yep. If the buckle is facing front when the bag is on your right, then it's right handed.

  4. Bharath Kishore 47 months ago | reply

    So besides that, wouldn't there be any differences in the configuration of the pockets/compartments?
    I'm left handed, hence the curiosity. I've noticed certain aspects of bags which are comfortable to the right handed but not if you are otherwise. Never occurred to me that such a level of customization is possible.

  5. Do8y 47 months ago | reply

    I never had other Timbuk2 bags, as mentioned above, but neither the customising options, nor the website suggest any further differences.

  6. Sandstroem82 45 months ago | reply

    And I thought my bag was stuffed with things:)

  7. Do8y 45 months ago | reply

    To be perfectly honest, I don't consider this to be much in any way. OK, maybe as a number of items, but it' nothing as a volume.

  8. eliev 45 months ago | reply

    I have a left-handed Timbuk2 but unfortunately the pockets are still right handed, in particular the "Napoleon pocket" which opens on the side (picture Napoleon's hand in his jacket...)

  9. ikera 44 months ago | reply

    Livescribe // yay or nay??

  10. Do8y 44 months ago | reply

    Most definitely YAY! Although as with most gadgets, you have to weigh your motives to want one. I have a fast talking boss, and whenI work on projects, where brainstorming sessions could take up to hours this is a life saviour. It is great for students too.

    Although I usually find a use for every gadget, outside of such situations it would be simply an expensive pen. Contrary to the general opinion, the paper for it is not that expensive - just compare it to good notebooks and you'll know what I mean. And the sync to Evernote (or Google documents, if it's your thing) is priceless.

  11. elbabencosme 44 months ago | reply

    what languages do you speak?

  12. Do8y 44 months ago | reply

    Check my profile. It's in the description.

  13. levellee 40 months ago | reply

    I like that SIGG Steelworks

  14. slvchv 38 months ago | reply

    The Swiss Passport looks amazing. I've never seen one until now and I also Google'd it to see more photos. It definitely does not look like a governmental document, it's a piece of art in my opinion.

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