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Used Books

I've recently discovered the joy of buying used books through


"Who Censored Roger Rabbit?" by Gary Wolf is the book that the movie about the framing of Roger Rabbit was based upon. In the book, the 'toons are comic strip instead of animated cartoon characters and speech bubbles appear in the air when they speak. Jessica Rabbit is also described as a former 'toon porn star.


"Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers" by Jane Jensen is a book based on the adventure game with the same title, designed by the same author. All of the quotations on the cover are from reviews of the game, not the novel. The reviews on Amazon were quite good, however. I'm sort of afraid to read the novel because I still haven't finished the game.


"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams is, unlike the previous two, still in print, but the recent editions have cover art designed to promote last year's movie. About a year ago I loaned my original copy of the book to somebody who re-loaned it to somebody else shortly before leaving the country; since then I had given up hope of ever getting it back. After buying the previous two books it occurred to me I could probably find a copy of the same edition as my original. I did, and it arrived today! I once again have a copy of the book which matches the other editions I own in the inaccurately named Hitchhiker's Trilogy.

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Taken on May 31, 2006