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    Date: 2012/07/17
    Camera: DSLR-A900
    Exposure: 1/80 sec at f/2.5, ISO 100
    Lens: 85mm F1.4 ZA
    © 2012 Benjamin Torode - All Rights Reserved.
    No Use Without Written Permission.

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    1. mendhak 67 months ago | reply

      You have a lot of great photos, which is why I started following you from reddit, but I think the watermark ruins the amazingness of your photos. Maybe move it a bit? I guess you must be trying to find the best place to put it.

    2. torode 67 months ago | reply

      mendhak Thank you for your feedback. As you may have noticed, I have been experimenting with various types of watermarking recently. The problem is that despite my requests that the pictures don't get used without permission, they keep appearing on these "download free wallpaper" sites, and I'm not sure how to combat this. I would really love if people could just enjoy seeing the photos without having to use them like this, as I've specifically disabled downloading.

    3. hugo benichi 67 months ago | reply

      Wonderful picture !

      These watermarks are the very first thing I've noticed while looking at your stream today. I agree, you should try to offset them a bit.

      Otherwise maybe you could limit the picture size to the smallest large size 1024x682 or even to medium 800x533

    4. mendhak 67 months ago | reply

      What about using Creative Commons, are you amenable to that? I get a some photos used from my stream, and they generally just link back to the Flickr photo page when following CC.

      I suppose it's how you view this usage as well. I am happy that someone uses it and if they link back to me, that's a bonus. No matter what you do (short of a watermark), they will find a way of using the photos without permission anyway, so you could just rely on some GGGs linking back to you from their page.

      Then it becomes a balancing act, a tug of war between asserting your copyright and displaying your photography.

      It will be interesting to see what you decide, good luck! Oh, to be popular... :p

    5. torode 67 months ago | reply

      hugo benichi mendhak

      Thanks for the feedback, guys. This is an interesting discussion and a tricky problem to deal with.

      In general a lot of the cat photos I upload end up for sale on Getty Images. However, there is often a couple of weeks or even a month before they are picked up, and during that time, some of the photos are blogged (tumblr) and shared (facebook, twitter) in various places.
      Now, like you, mendhak, I'm generally happy for people to share a low-res version provided they link directly back to the flickr page, but the thing is, after the hundredth or so reblog on tumblr someone cites another tumblr as the source rather than me, and then I become basically lost as the original creator.

      Then there's the people on ad-supported wallpaper sites uploading my shots without any attribution whatsoever.

      I've long had the "No use without written permission" in the caption section, but it has never been respected. Then I tried a watermark off to the side, but it was cropped or ignored, and finally, I'm trying out a center watermark with 10% transparency.

      I've been uploading to flickr since early 2009 and I've resisted using any watermark at all for all that time. To be honest I dislike most watermarks, especially the ones which interfere with the enjoyment of the image itself.

      Hugo, I think your suggestion of a lower res might be the way to go...

    6. Paul Webb. 67 months ago | reply

      Excellent work Ben, it does tempt me to upgrade to a full frame camera too.

    7. JasonWeddington 67 months ago | reply

      I think the watermark is fine, it just depends on what your goal is. If your goal is that people who want to use the image actually pay for that usage, then this watermark is perfect.

    8. nodouble - mostly away 67 months ago | reply

      Super shot. Your work is
      excellent, the watermark is fine.

    9. Diego Gómez Garra 67 months ago | reply

      excelente captura

    10. hugo benichi 67 months ago | reply

      Ben Torode Well, people will still reblog your pictures without linking back, but at least it is very very unlikely anybody would use a 800x533 picture for wallpaper or commercial purposes in 2012.

      I ve got quite a few pictures reblogged in tumblr with usually very little backwards traffic. I would say maybe 1% of the tumblr reblogs, which might be 1/3 of the views. For example this pic gots almost 5000 thousands reblogs and likes on tumblr lol

    11. Suz-anne 67 months ago | reply

      You have some of the best cat photos I've ever seen. Your subjects are adorable! Excellent capture indeed. :)

    12. -issata 67 months ago | reply

      Ha! The one on the bottom doesn't look like she cares to share or be housemates.

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