S!kk!m, !nd!a - N()vember 2010
November 2010
9-day trek in Sikkim - North-East Indian part of the Himalayas - feat. Marie-Laure, Alexandre, Benoit and Fabien (alias the Bukit Timah Hill Altitude Crazy Crew), the best-guide ever (!!!!) Sanje (from Sikkim Travel Express - www.sikkimtravelexpress.com/trekking-iteneraries.html#kas...), super duper magnificent fantabulous splendiferous landscapes of the Kamchendzonga National Park, no-meat diet, dzos (cross Cows/Yaks - 0.7x our speed), no-alcohol diet (almost), 6,000+m/7,000+m meters peaks surrounding the 8,600m of the Kamchendzonga (world 3rd highest peak), prayer flags, slippery rock/slopes/roots, horses (0.9x our speed), cairns, tough tough tough porters (1.8x our speed... while carrying 25kg...), sporty walk from Yuskom (1,750m) up to Goecha-La Pass (4,950m) (connect.garmin.com/activity/57388924 ), super good food, healthy 10h+ nights in hour sleeping bags (-10c/-15c outside), "1/4 de singe" best game ever (:-p), non-touristy area, garmin gps technology (:-p), great weather....
!ncred!ble !nd!a for Definitely For A Great Trip !
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