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Red Fox

This year we have a mother fox and four kits living behind our house. This is not an opportunity that I would pass up gladly, as you can see. Over the past month, they have eluded me many times. The mom will sit back in the woods and bark for about 30-45 min almost every day. I see that as a challenge and go in search of her. Up until now they leave, it seems, before I even think about coming to look for them. This time I went to my friends graduation party and came back early. When I got back my mom said the fox was out by the feeder so I got my camera and snuck out the front door and around the house only to find it had left. I slowly made my way along the edge of the woods until I found a nice spot to sit. The birds were coming back to feed so I lost a little hope, but I remembered that my mom said that the fox would come up to feed and then go back down into the woods and come back again so I waited. In a couple minutes I noticed the birds were flying away and a little orange shape was making it's way back. It's funny because it seems like if I would've stayed longer at my friends party I would've never seen it. It's almost like I caught it off guard being home when I wasn't supposed to. Parke County, IN

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Taken on May 27, 2012