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My son's take on Explain IA

To “explain IA”, this afternoon I had my 5-year-old son draw me a picture of what he thought IA was and what it is I do for a living.


Thought everyone would enjoy his take on explaining IA.


Here's what you'll see on the drawing and his explanations of the drawing in quotes.


“My Dad's job is an information architect”


People - "you work with a lot of people Dad". Naturally people are romans, knights and guys with swords.


Audiences - “here we have a drawing of the orchestra on stage with an audience “the guys at the right are bagpipe players, people will love them”


Labels - a drawing of a can of "mom soup"


Navigation - here we have a compass "like Jack Sparrow's" and “pirate ships having a battle”


Organizing - “I made a site map of super heroes, organized by boy superheroes and girl superheroes with pictures in case people can’t read my writing”


Finding - “you have to find Waldo in this super big cave”


Search - “this is a hand holding a magnifying glass, looking at a spider”


Maps - “cause you sometimes need a map to find things”


Making things easy - “I decided not to draw anything for this because it was easier”


and lastly - “It’s fun, see they are smiling”


I think he has a pretty good grasp of what IA is. Who knows, maybe he’ll be an IA/UX/IxDA/Designer when he grows up.


NOTE: I only helped with printing out pictures of super heroes and the writing of this summary. I was totally amazed at what he knows about what I do and what things are part of it all. I have a fantastic son!

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Taken on January 31, 2010